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I am, always have been, and will always be for public education. Our teachers deserve pay raises, not by draining reserved funds, but by ending the spending on excessive, unnecessary testing. Students need new technologies in the classrooms to compete with other states. We cannot allow our public schools to go underfunded while charter schools receive public-funded vouchers. I AM FOR OUR EDUCATION.



I believe every Mississippian should receive the care they need. No single mother should have to choose between buying medicines and groceries. We have to use our voice as a state to end overpricing of medicines. We have to assure that all families can receive the care they need, no matter their socioeconomic backgrounds. Mental healthcare is just as important as physical healthcare and funding cannot be cut for that. I AM FOR OUR HEALTHCARE.



Not only do our roads and bridges have to be fixed, they have to be fixed correctly and progressively. When our bridges are torn out for years and roads left unfixed, it leaves our citizens, emergency services, and school buses vulnerable. I AM FOR OUR INFRASTRUCTURE.



 I support our veterans completely. If someone is wiling to sign their name on that dotted line to protect our country, we should do everything in our power to protect them when they are home—healthcare, mental healthcare, job placement, etc. I AM FOR OUR MILITARY.